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Ordering Guide

  • 1.Create an account
    Thank you for your order hui Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. products! To be able to provide you with better service, before you order a product need to establish an account profile
    Please download and fill in the "Customer Registration Form" signed and sealed after the return, we will be setting up an account for you in two hours
  • 2.Product Inquiry
    We accept telephone, mail, fax your inquiry mode, and will provide a quote to you within 4-24 hours
    Your inquiry content may include product information, packaging specifications, invoice type, method of payment, etc.
  • 3. Order Confirmation
    Orders and payment subject to mutual acknowledgment, if there are special reasons to inform each other in advance
    We received your order confirmation time is the order confirmation time
  • 4.Delivery Delivery
    1 working days after the order is confirmed, we will arrange shipping
    Special orders cut single time you see "Ordering Information"
  • 5.Customer Service
    You can leave e-mail address, our customer service staff will express a single number sent to your specified mailbox
    Together, we can pay attention to your orders, track shipments sent case
  • 6. Network Services
    Product Test Report (COA), analysis download maps and MSDS for needs
Order Information

1、Purchase order
2、RFQ number (bulk orders)
3、Product number, name, description
5、Your business information, payment information and shipping address

Create new account
Hui Pharmaceutical welcome new customers. Please download and complete"Customer Registration Form"(Education customers, please fill in "Education Customer Registration Form"), After the official seal or signature, by fax to +86 (21) 50795055 or send an email,Sales representative will help you set up a new account in your company hui medicine.

Delivery and payment terms

We use the courier. Unless otherwise marked, all the goods, insurance and special packaging costs are included in the invoice. Written offer is valid for 30 days. Sales account of your organization and execution under contract hui medicine.


All prices listed in RMB; however, if the price subject to change without notice. If you are a phone order, we will confirm the current price on the phone. Even if product prices appear slightly raised, goods will arrive as soon as possible to meet your needs; and the drop in prices will be reflected immediately on your bill.

Use of the product

Delivery time

Order stock products we arrange delivery within two working days after receiving the order. Special orders require same-day shipment / delivery, from 13:00 deadline to send orders, express delivery order deadline 16:15


Users receive the goods, should be in accordance with the invoice Num acceptance of goods, packaging specifications, quantities, and appearance, and keep it in accordance with product storage requirements. Users based on product quality standards for quality inspection; quality standards based company COA quality standards, after ordering the product test reports are available to download guide on this site, "Product Information" menu. If there are quality problems, the user request 7 working days after receipt of the goods (called "inspection period"), and our customer service representative, and provide a written question on the basis of quality. Users will not notice in the case of the predetermined time our customer service representatives, these products will be considered to meet the terms of sale between us and the user, and the user has been accepted as qualified products.


Product quality problems need to return, first with our customer service representative. Under normal circumstances, permission will not accept returns. Some of the goods on the principle of non-refundable seller, including, but not limited to custom or special order materials leaking or damaged chemicals, expired reagents, missing labels, refrigerated or frozen products, Kaifeng products. Due to the special nature and maintaining the company's product quality and consistency of chemical products, any return except quality problems will occur additional charges, 15% of the re-testing and storage costs for returned product catalog, collect, subject to a minimum charge not less than 100 yuan. Any patent patent our products may involve certain patent applications, Buyer shall use our products caused by the violations responsible.

Quality Assurance and Disclaimers

Hui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (seller) only to the original purchaser commitment, consistent product catalog lists all the quality and quantity of sales of inventory at the time of shipment. For substandard products (including the number of deviations or quality defects), in recognition of the inspection cycle by the seller, the buyer can receive the products in question within 15 days of return, free replacement or refund the purchase price by the seller; however the Company liable for any other additional cost is responsible. For seller Product merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, the seller does not make any other statement or any kind of guarantee.

Service, quality complaints

If you are dissatisfied with our service, product quality or have suggestions for improvement, please feel free to contact the pharmaceutical hui, general manager -